TKJ Associates: A small firm with big capabilities.

We work exclusively on retainer and with only a few clients at a time.
Each client has our full attention. We take time to listen, to know each client, and to personalize our service, whether finding the ideal senior executive for a large or small company, or coaching a valued business leader for new leadership responsibilities.

We know what drives a business

We know the needs of each functional area, from HR, sales and marketing, to finance and general management.

What sets us apart

Our passion for what we do, the way we see each client and candidate as unique, and our ability to think creatively to solve for individual needs. We have an extraordinary ability to make connections with people, to listen beyond the spoken words, to counsel clients –and to be powerful ambassadors for them. Our clients often tell us they appreciate that we “get it,” and that we deliver pleasant surprises and even better – great results.

Our clients

We service a broad range of clients, from professional and financial services firms to consumer, hospitality, real estate, non-profit and healthcare businesses. Our clients range from early stage businesses to corporations. We specialize in conducting searches for heads of each function, with an emphasis on the human resources/talent development and marketing functions.

TKJ Associates, founded in 2004 by Tammy Jersey, the firm’s President, is based in Westport, Connecticut and also operates from an office in midtown New York City.

“TKJ Associates gets the job done every time in an efficient manner. They quickly understand the nuance of situations, and they get the chemistry fit. Their team has open and honest styles and they connect well with candidates, making them great ambassadors for our company.”

Ellen Shedlarz, former SVP HR Ziff Brothers Investments and former Chief Operations Officer, Global Talent Management Group, Morgan Stanley

“Tammy was an invaluable coach in the way she helped me quickly navigate and develop relationships as an executive in a new culture.  She was a terrific sounding board and mentor, challenging me to consider multiple perspectives that would best resonate with key stakeholders.  She is a smart, practical and approachable coach that has helped me advance my career within a Fortune 100 company.”

Chief Marketing Officer, Global Insurance Company

“TKJ Associates spends the time to ensure that there will be a mutual fit between clients and candidates to create long-lasting results. It was evident at every step of the process that my needs and interests were being fully considered.”

Jessy Sullivan, Professional Development Manager, McKinsey & Co